Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will The Weather Affect Pride?

Michigan weather varies. Sunscreen and hydration are advised for some prides– and umbrellas for others. We almost always get at least one rainbow during the week of Ferndale Pride! In the event of a severe weather emergency, the event will shut down for safety, as directed by local authorities.

Where Should I Park?

Public parking is located throughout Ferndale, both East and West of Woodward Avenue and street parking is available in some areas of the city. Click here to find out more about Ferndale Parking. Always read and obey the parking signs. Parking enforcement ends at midnight. Parking on Sunday is always […]

Can I bring my pet to Ferndale Pride?

Pets are allowed.  The event is extremely busy, loud and often hot.  You are responsible for following all laws regarding animals and keeping your dog on a leash.  Ferndale Pride is not responsible for the safety or your pet. Livestock is prohibited in downtown Ferndale.