Parking, Shuttle and Biking Information

Ferndale Pride Parking & Shuttle Service

Park at these locations:

  • Ferndale High School – 881 Pinecrest Dr.
  • Gerry Kulick Community Center – 1201 Livernois

During Ferndale Pride SMART shuttles run from 12:30 PM-10:30 PM every 10 minutes

Parking is free at these locations, so make the SMART choice! This service is open to ALL drivers, riders, cyclists, wheelchair users and walkers. Shuttles buses equipped with wheelchair ramps.

More ways to get to Ferndale Pride

RIDE the SMART FAST BUS on Woodward
Keep your Pride celebrations SMART and simple. SMART FAST is an easy and affordable solution. Stopping at Woodward and 9 Mile, the SMART FAST bus takes you right to Ferndale Pride.

RIDE the SMART BUS on 9 Mile
SMART also offers a Nine Mile Crosstown route that stops in downtown Ferndale. This route travels East and West along 9 Mile.

The 9 Mile route is detoured during the festival, check the SMART website for detailed detour information.

Other Options

Ride Share: Drop off and Pick Up Locations

  • W. Troy Street – behind Candlewick Shoppe
  • Alley between Withington Lot and W. Nine Mile behind Pop’s for Italian
  • Withington Street – just north of Inyo Restaurant & Lounge.

Park Downtown

Click here to get parking information:

Bike to Pride

Park your bike in the new bike lot located just past the rock wall at the Southeast most point of Ferndale Pride. Metropolis Cycles will park and watch your bike for free!